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When sustainability looks this good, it's easy to be optimistic.

Meet Our Solar Watches

Smart design. Sustainable solutions.

Forever on your wrist

Clean, renewable and rooted in the future: see what our solar technology has to offer.

Stress-free (re)charge

No action is needed to recharge your watch. In the presence of light, you will get up to 6 months of power reserve.

Recycled stainless steel

We took the extra step of sourcing the recycled version of an infinitely recyclable material. Because recycling should be a never-ending story.

Vegan Eco Leather

A cruelty-free leather without harmful components such as PU, PVC or any toxic by-products. A truely eco-friendly solution.

Our recycling program

We have created a recycling program to help you get rid of your old watches in an eco-friendly way. the best part? You'll get rewarded for it.

Sustainable practices

You heard it here first: it is possible to create a sustainable fashion accessory without compromising on design.

We don't like to brag, but we were seen in...

Giving back in many ways

1 Watch = 1 Acre Protected

The formula is simple. For every Solios watch sold, one acre of rainforest is protected.

Make A Wish Come True

Volunteers of the Make-a-Wish foundation for years, Solios’ founders have vowed to raise $25,000 during the pandemic for the charity.

Giving back to the community

Partnering with the Rainforest Trust

We put thought into our causes. By donating 10% to the Rainforest Trust, we are helping its mission to protect endangered rainforest lands. Thanks to hard work and efficient processes, the Rainforest Trust reinvests 100% of donations to restore one acre of rainforest every 16 seconds across the world.

A timeless design

Endless styles.

Since we adopted a solar technology that allows your watch to properly function for decades, we needed to match this with a truly timeless design. Make way for minimalist, clean lines that will remain elegant through time.

B Corp Certified

A business with purpose

As the first certified B Corporation in the watch industry, we strive to make every aspect of our business ethical, durable and impactful - in a positive way.

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